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Mercury Candle

Mercury Candle



Mercury is the fastest, hottest and smallest planet of the solar system. It travels very close to the Sun. Mercury is the messenger, the God of learning, communication, travel and trade. He is also a healer and a magician - his mercurial nature gives him power over all the elements and the ability to affect change in accordance with the will. He is a trickster God as well though and master of deception, so his wheelings and dealings may not always be what they seem.

Astrologically, Mercury represents the faculties of the rational mind, learning, communicating, intellectual perception and understanding. He rules abstract thought processes and rationalization. He signifies social interactions, siblings and friends, as well as business transactions and networking. Mercury integrates and makes sense of experiences and impression we gather from the world around. He also governs travel and transport and helps us adjust in new a new environment.


Star Child Planetary Candles are potentised with our Lunar prepared Magical Infusions, which contain herbs collected from the respective parts of the Glastonbury Zodiac. The collections are made in accordance with the solar and lunar cycles at the appropriate times of the year. The symbols assigned to each type of oil indicate the ethereal nature of the special infusions added to the respective blends and thus provide a reference to their Magical qualities.

MERCURY ~ Communication, understanding, divination, flexibility, direct energy in accordance with will.


KEYWORDS ~ Mercury - Messenger of the Gods, God of travel, trade, crossroads, healing, communication, learning, thinking, mental faculties, intellectual perception, reasoning, logic, analysis, gathering of information, synthesis, wit, trickery.

DEITIES ~ Hermes, Hanuman, Thoth, Lugh

QUALITY ~ Active, excitable, changeful, cold, moist, moderately fruitful

COLOUR ~ Orange, yellow, multi-coloured, metallic

METAL ~ Mercury

DAY ~ Wednesday

STAR SIGN ~ Gemini/Virgo

PART OF THE BODY ~ Lungs, Mind, Nerves

CHALLENGE ~ Awareness of subtle realities

DRIVE ~ Perception

NEGATIVE EXPRESSION ~Intellectually biased narrow-mindedness, superficiality

Planetary Candles reflect the colours appropriate to each sign or planet. They can be used to attune to the Astrological ambiance of the month or Planetary energy of the day of the week and thus provide a focus for meditation or ritual invocation.

12" x 1¼" (30cm x 3cm)
Burning Time Approximately 25 Hours


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