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White Poplar Tree Perfume

White Poplar Tree Perfume


22nd September - Autumn Equinox

A beautiful and graceful tree, White Poplar has an affinity with light and the element of air. Its silvery leaves glint and flicker even in the softest breeze. They whisper magical secrets and stories caught in the wind… In autumn the leaves turn golden yellow - a transmutation from the lunar to the solar pole of life. A fitting image for a tree associated the Autumn Equinox, when day and night are equal and the male and female powers are in balance. Poplars signify wisdom and understanding, foresight and prophecy and the golden rewards of age. The tree is associated with Persephone's journey into the Underworld and thus symbolises regeneration and rebirth. Poplar heralds a message of hope, by reminding us that Hades is but a station along the journey of the soul.

Wear White Poplar Tree Wisdom Perfume to attune to the abundant source of health wealth and happiness or to celebrate the spirit of harvest in gratitude for all its rich blessings and rewards.

Inspired by the Celtic Tree Calendar, 'Tree Wisdom Perfumes' are a unique range of magical perfumes. According to ancient lore, trees are inhabited by angelic beings known as Dryads, who embody their souls. They are the keepers of nature's wisdom. Each type of tree speaks through its own particular Dryad and each holds the key to its own special aspect of this arcane Earth wisdom. Tree Wisdom Perfumes are inspired by the ancient Celtic tree lore and the Devic beings, who whisper their secrets in the rustling leaves. They contain a blend of pure essential oils and absolutes, as well as a magical infusion made from the leaves, buds, barks and flowers of their associated tree. May every one of them provide a key to the doors of perception and offer a unique glimpse into the Devic realms.


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