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Heather Tree Perfume

Heather Tree Perfume


21st June - Summer Solstice

Heather, the most familiar plant of mountains, heath and moors is a hardy little shrub that does not shy away from even in the most exposed places. It withstands harsh conditions and seems to effortlessly regenerate after cutting or grazing. Thus, symbolically it signifies resilience and subtle, unassuming beauty. Its sweet nectar is a favourite food of bees, the sacred insect of the Great Goddess. Bees never sleep, but busily transfer messages from our world to the Netherworld and back again. Heather's delicate flowers are said to be an essential ingredient of an extremely ancient recipe for highland ale, which, once upon a time, may well have been used as a sacramental beverage at midsummer feasts. Heather is sacred to the Goddess of love and a sprig of its flowers is a token of her blessing. The white variety is considered particularly lucky, especially for lovers and newly-weds. In some areas a sprig of it is still added to the bridal bouquet, used to decorate the wedding cake or placed beneath the nuptial sheets.

Wear Heather Tree Wisdom Perfume to attune to the spirit of love and send a message with the bees to help you find your soul mate. Or, give it to a special friend as a token of your love.

Inspired by the Celtic Tree Calendar, 'Tree Wisdom Perfumes' are a unique range of magical perfumes. According to ancient lore, trees are inhabited by angelic beings known as Dryads, who embody their souls. They are the keepers of nature's wisdom. Each type of tree speaks through its own particular Dryad and each holds the key to its own special aspect of this arcane Earth wisdom. Tree Wisdom Perfumes are inspired by the ancient Celtic tree lore and the Devic beings, who whisper their secrets in the rustling leaves. They contain a blend of pure essential oils and absolutes, as well as a magical infusion made from the leaves, buds, barks and flowers of their associated tree. May every one of them provide a key to the doors of perception and offer a unique glimpse into the Devic realms.


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