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Mastic Gum Sacred Herb

Mastic Gum Sacred Herb


The light, yellow pearls of Mastic derive from a Mediterranean tree that is related to the Pistachio. When burnt, this resin emits a delightfully fresh, cleansing and spiritually uplifting aroma. Traditionally it is associated with the sun in its youthful aspect as the solar hero child. Burnt as incense it helps to gain clarity and its motivating energy dispels mental fatigue and the sadness of the heart.

Since people first came together to honour the Gods and spirits of nature they used gums, resins and fragrant herbs to bring them closer to the divine beings and to give fragrant wings to their prayers. Every culture has their own sacred herbs that are particular to its region, yet, precious incense herbs and gums have also always been traded far beyond their country of origin.


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