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Rosehip Oil

Rosehip Oil


Rosa canina

A light, gently astringent oil with excellent nourishing, moisturizing and toning qualities that are largely due to its high essential fatty acid content (80%). Rosehip oil makes a great addition to facial blends and lotions intended to nourish the tender tissue around the eyes and to maintain excellent skin tone. Excellent for use in 'after sun care' lotions, and on burnt tissue and scars.

Roses are a universal symbol of romance, love and beauty. It is probably one of the original plants ever to have been used for cosmetic preparations. Pomades and potpourris with rose petals as their essential ingredient, as well as rosewater, and rose oil all bear witness to a long history of cosmetic use, which probably originated in the Middle East.


Vegetable oils and butters are derived from seeds and nuts or very oily vegetables like olives or avocadoes. Just as such nuts and vegetables are healthy and nutritious for the body when included in the diet they also nourish and help to maintain healthy skin, nails and hair when used in cosmetic preparations. Each type of oil has its own specific characteristics, feel and consistency. Some are quite drying, while others are rich and thick. Some have a chemical structure that is very similar to the skin's sebum and are thus particularly healing. Some oils are particularly rich in unsaturated essential fatty acids (also known as EFAs, such as oleic or linoleic fatty acids) and vitamin E and other fat soluble vitamins, which are essential to our health and well-being. Such oils are considered vitalizing and rejuvenating and are thus particularly suitable for tired and worn skin.


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