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About Us

Star Child is an inspirational force that seems to channel a consciousness rooted within the plant kingdom. It's message holds a key for unlocking those parts of the mind that allow us to connect with the spiritual aspects of nature. Star Child conveys this Earth wisdom through the dimension of sensual experience which is accessible to all. By experiencing this level of awareness and tuning into the realm of nature spirits we are reminded that all the Earth is sacred and that we must take care of her as she takes care of us. For if we forget our spiritual source we will forget our humanity and become part of a mechanistic consciousness that considers nature as a mere source of materials, there to be exploited and to satisfy nothing but greed. In ancient times people were aware of the interrelationships between the sacred and the mundane plains of existence. They communed with the plant spirits who were regarded as divine messengers of the Gods. However, during the Dark Ages much of this knowledge was lost, the old Gods were cast beyond the reaches of experience and matter was declared dead. The spirit/matter dichotomy evolved and people lost their path as caretakers of the Earth. The consequences of this change in attitude can be seen all around with the daunting environmental problems we are experiencing today.

Star Child's products are based on the philosophies of our ancestral wisdom. We believe that by working with the spiritual forces inherent in nature we can offer tools that may provide a gateway to the Devic consciousness and thus help people to connect with their own spiritual source. Spirituality cannot be bought in a bottle, and our products are not intended as magical quick-fixes. Rather, they are meant as keys for experiencing the divine through the realm of the senses. By bridging the spirit/matter divide we are working towards wholeness and healing of people and planet. 
May Star Child's message help to open the channels of perception so that the realm of the Sacred may once again come within the reaches of experience.


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